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We constantly strive to achieve excellence staying loyal to our values.

Our everyday activities spin around respect. We are a group of professionals who work strictly following the creator of the method (Joseph Pilates) and we strive to stay true to his philosophy and work style as we believe it to be the best for our students.

We work hard to offer high quality service while continuously attending trainings and growing professionally. This way we are able to provide a level of professionalism that addresses any needs our student might have. After dedicating many years to this discipline and going through different schools and work styles, we feel grateful for having evolved and progressed in the most insightful way that allows us to exercise our method of work, loyal to Romana’s Pilates.

We are passionate about our work and we love empowering people to feel better, passing on our knowledge for a better quality of life.





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Elisa has a degree in Physical Activities and Sports Sciences, has attended a number of trainings related to physical activities like Personal Trainer by COPLEF, Madrid, among others. She found out about Pilates system in 2004 at a training in Madrid which pushed her to dedicate her career to that. She has participated in various trainings, seminars, conferences on national and international level in different schools, such as Stott Pilates and Peak Pilates. Currently she is a student at the prestigious Romana’s Pilates School.

It is such a privilege to do something I believe in, respect and value. I strive to conquer new heights every day to offer quality service exceeding expectations. I am happy to help my students feel better with this discipline. I am lucky to be a disciple of Romana’s Pilates School having Javier Pérez Pont as a Level 1 Master. Thank you Javier, for your dedication, perseverance, ethics, as well as your balance, your respect and devotion to the Pilates system, and also for sharing all the knowledge you have acquired with hard work and endeavour”.




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With a degree in Contemporary Dance Interpretation at the Venezuela Dance University, Erika took part in a number of professional dance campaigns in her country and participated in various festivals of dance, dance-theatre, and theatre. She combined these with her studies in Marketing and Publicity.

On her arrival in Valencia in 2006, she goes back dancing in the Dance Conservatory of Valencia where she obtains an Erasmus scholarship and travels to Arnhem, Holland, to be a student at ArTEZ dance school. Back in Valencia, she takes part in the 3rd edition of Circuito Bucles dance contest.

Meanwhile, she starts her training in Pilates Mat in 2006 at Apta Vital Sport, afterwards at Movimiento Pilates, and finally at Stott Pilates in Madrid. She kept studying through courses, conferences and workshops until reaching her current working style, the classic Pilates one.

“Having been immersed in dancing, I have learnt that working with the body is a wonderful path to self-discovery. So I wanted to follow this path with Pilates which allowed me to discover day by day that we achieve control and concentration with the basic principles of Pilates, which are necessary to understand what’s going on with our body and how it affects our daily life”.




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She learnt about Pilates more than 15 years ago and decided to get a full certificate at Peak Pilates School. Besides completing a number of specific Pilates trainings, she has also taken courses in Personal Training, Fitness and Manual Therapies.

“Since I was very young, my ultimate goal was to learn how to boost human body performance through exercise. I found out about Pilates system and after trying it, I was amazed at the sensations my body experienced every time I practiced Pilates. My daily task is to continuously try and open new doors to broader knowledge. Every day is a new challenge both for them and me.”




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Degree in Economics at the University of Valencia. After several courses in commercial management, she decided to change her path and that’s when she discovered Pilates. María has done training in different schools, and now she is a disciple at Romana’s Pilates School.

“When I found out about Contrology, I felt that was the way I wanted to follow. I keep attending trainings to give the best I have and offer the benefits of the Pilates system so that others can experience it, too”.